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Say goodbye to never-ending monthly fees and confusing jargon that credit repair organizations will dump on you. Credit America is here to restore truth within the credit repair industry and keep you fully updated during the entire process.

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Get an account in minutes, where you're able to order your credit reports; securely upload and download documents; track your restoration progress; and send instant queries, which will always be responded to within twenty-four hours.

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When you choose Credit America, you're treated as a preferred member both during the credit restoration process and long after. A member of our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns in regards to your credit.

How It Works

A consumer has the right to dispute anything on his or her credit report.

Credit repair can be quite complex. However, it is quite simple at its core. Any information which is inaccurate or unverifiable must, under federal law, be corrected or removed. There is strict law that makes it very costly for credit reporting agencies and data furnishers (creditors and debt collectors) to remain in compliance. When this compliance is not met, the information can become inaccurate or unverifiable. 

Our team of certified FICO specialists at Credit America is able to examine your credit report, locate inaccuracies or irregularities, and use its skilled understanding of federal laws and regulations in order to gain leverage in your disputes. When an item on your credit report has been disputed, the creditor or credit reporting agency is required by law to reinvestigate and meet certain standards. 

Federal law also requires credit repair organizations to disclose that credit repair can be performed by consumers themselves. See how many credit repair organizations will tell you that. One of our team members will strategize a precise plan for you to restore your credit – then, you can choose whether or not you would like for Credit America to take the legwork out of the process for you. 

Why It Works

Say thanks to strenuous consumer protection laws and regulations.

Credit repair works because data furnishers are regulated by both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. There are hundreds of federal laws in place with the sole purpose of protecting consumers from the willful and/or negligent inclusion of inaccurate information in their credit reports. There are strenuous reporting guidelines which banks, lenders, debt collection agencies, credit unions, or any financial institutions must abide by. Consumers have more rights than they are led to believe. Much legislation is in place to protect consumers against negligent financial conglomerates. This includes but is not limited to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Consumer Credit Protection Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act. Erroneous reporting on a consumer is simply unlawful, and anything that is not fully accurate and verifiable is erroneous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is credit repair legal?

Credit repair is legal nationwide, is federally regulated by the Consumer Credit Protection Act, and is encouraged by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Credit repair is simply the process in which a consumer exercises his or her legal right to fair and accurate credit reporting. 

How long does credit repair take?

The process varies depending on each member’s situation. The average member sees results within the first thirty days, but more complex situations may take longer. Any organization which promises you immediate results is either questionable or breaking the law. 

What happens if derogatory remarks aren't removed?

Though we cannot legally make any guarantees for item removals, what we can guarantee is our perpetual attempts at correction. This guarantees that we will continue to fight for you until items are removed or you want to cancel for any reason at no charge.

What items can be removed from my credit report?

Any information that is inaccurate, unfair, or unverifiable must be removed. This includes collections, late payments, charge-offs, liens, bankruptcies, judgements, repossessions,  foreclosures, and evictions. 

Consultation is free, of course.

With Credit America, you get a real consultation – not a sales pitch. 
A team member will help you create a tailored plan for getting your credit right. 

Our Service Packages

Credit Restoration Program – $999

– Indefinite Attempt at Updating, Correcting, or Deleting Negative or Inaccurate Information

– Includes All Three Primary Credit Reporting Agencies (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax)

– Personalized Audit of Credit Profile

– Personalized Plan of Restoration

– 24/7/365 Support During the Program

We’ve Had Success Deleting the Following:

– Collections, Medical Bills

– Charge-Offs

– Late Payments, Delinquencies 

– Bankruptcies

– Judgements, Tax Liens

– Repossessions, Evictions, Short Sales 

Student Loan Savior Program – $999

– Consolidation (20-30 year)

– $0/mo Payment Plans (Where Applicable)

– Default Rehabilitation

– Delinquency Credit Reporting Reversal

– Wage Garnishment & Tax Offset Halt

– Forgiveness & Cancellation (Where Applicable)

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"I've been trying to get my credit fixed up for months. Kyran and his team at Credit America are no joke. Another company had just put me on a retainer for months and drug it out, but these guys acted fast and only charged a flat fee which was pretty reasonable itself. I really appreciated the communication and updates as well."
Michael M.
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"I am an attorney and was immediately impressed with the owner’s appreciation for legal compliance, which can be rare in the credit services world. On top of that, the owner is a true student of his craft, utilizing effective and creative tactics to get clients great results at a reasonable price point. I know he gives personalized service for better results."
Dan D.
The Credit Lawyer™

"Credit America helped with an almost $40,000 medical debt - they got the collections agency to cease collections activities and stop reporting it to the credit bureaus! Collection totally deleted and a letter expunging the debt. Totally 100% satisfied! No question, Credit America is where you want to go to fix any and all credit issues.. "
Ryan G.
$40,000 debt absolved